N-Com was conceived in 2005 as a new brand within the Nolangroup, a market leader in motorcycle helmet production. Its objective was to develop integrated communication systems specifically for installation in Nolan, X-lite and Grex helmets, without compromising their aesthetics, comfort nor compliance with relevant regulations. This goal was brought to fruition by the company which, in 2006, launched its modular range of communication kits. Intuition will prevail.


The philosophy which drives Nolangroup also drives the N-Com division to offer a product with high quality standards, guaranteeing compliance with current regulations. All helmets designed for N-Com systems are tested and approved with the communication system installed, and therefore comply with UN/ECE 22 Regulation.


The joint development of helmets together with N-Com systems has achieved first-rate results which are just not possible with post-development universal products. Optimal integration of each of the components within the helmet, uncompromising user comfort, minimal aerodynamic impact thanks to the slim and ergonomic keypad, excellent audio quality. These are just some of the advantages offered by N-Com products. Not just accessories, but an integral part of the helmet.


Helmets aren’t all the same, and nor are N-Com systems. Designed according to the form and style of the helmet, N-Com products are available in a number of “series”, ensuring optimal integration inside the chosen helmet.

Performance and functionality depend on the product range: three are available (top, medium, basic) to meet the motorcyclist’s individual needs.


In 2019, following Nolangroup’s acquisition by 2R Holding, N-Com became the benchmark for developing communication systems and electronic devices for motorcycle helmets produced by partner companies. The objective is to make the most of N-Com’s almost twenty years of experience, technology, knowledge and consolidation strategy to develop products specifically for 2R Holding’s brands.


The first synergy to blossom and develop was with SHARK, exemplifying N-Com’s capacity to adapt to new challenges using the knowledge acquired over the years as its foundation stone. The first N-Com brand intercom developed for compatible SHARK helmets was launched on the market in 2022.


In addition to continuous development of Bluetooth communication systems, N-Com is broadening its remit by introducing innovations to its product range with the goal of making travel on two wheels ever more comfortable, safer and cutting-edge. Future prospects will see the N-Com brand involved in yet more innovative projects aimed at further embracing the world of technology and electronics.